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Ranks and Divisions.

by Equitem/Aeldu on Apr 07, 2013 at 05:55 PM}
So you are interested in joining the house Tarcyn? You first should decide what division is best for you and get this confirmed by The Circle. (The kinship leaders.) Keeping in mind some divisions are not open from recruitment.
This is a basic insight into each division and rank to give you some idea's on where your place will be in the house.

House Tarcyn, family members.

The House Tarcyn are the noble family from Gondor, and if you join, you will treat all with respect, regardless of their personal rank.

Glanasmor Tarcyn.
Head of the house, he is the leader and employer to all members of the House Tarcyn.

Marlund Tarcyn.
Son of Glanasmor, Marlund is ranked as a Squire amongst the knights, learning how to be a man of honour and virtue.

Aramund Tarcyn.
Son of Glanasmor, Aramund is ranked as a Squire amongst the knights, learning how to be a man of honour and virtue.

Aramund Tarcyn.
Aramund is ranked as a Guardsman recruit, his want to learn the life of a commoner and sword bearer so great his father allowed him on such a path of humility.

((Still TBC))

Knights of virtue.

Knights, men and women of sword and virtue who have proven their worth beyond the measure of any noble that the lord has seen fit to dub them Knights, giving them ownership of small plots of land as reward among the House Tarcyn homestead, men of war and honour they follow a basic military structure.
A knight will not join the family as a knight but instead start from the beginning, a squire learning at most, and proving his worth until he is deemed worthy or starting as a guardsman and working his/her way up.


Knight Commander.
The knight commander is the one man whom has true influence in the house dealings, he is trusted and has proven loyal many times, this is the highest rank and highest honour to be named Knight Commander.

A man of noble birth who has proven he can tend to his own armour, horse and weapons, as well as been trained in how to use them, if he is successful he may get his own Squire whom he would be responsible for teaching.

Learning has been completed, a squire will be able to list the eight virtues and three principles, know how to read and write and will show the proper etiquette around their fellows and betters, now they begin the path of learning Combat and warfare.

Proven loyal to the house a squire has been granted to great honour of learning alongside a Knight.

Squires can also be personal servants to noble-men for example Glanasmor's herald is ranked as a squire in the house Tarcyn.


The guardsman are normally sell swords, caravan guards, weapons trainers and other fighters from commoner back-grounds, they work for coin for the house Tarcyn in exchange for training or loyalty on the battle field.
The guards whom serve for long periods of time, would follow somewhat of a military structure.
The guardsman division is also where you will find the mercenaries on temporary contracts.


Guard Captain.
The most trusted and longest swerving sell sword to the house Tarcyn, this is who the other mercs and guards will take direct orders from in battle.

Guard Sergeant.
Long serving member of the house, would have shown loyalty in battle and proven themselves to have a head on their shoulders, this is the captains right hand man.

Guard Veteran.
Has served as a guardsman a long time, knows how to follow orders and fights, and shows a very basic leadership quality, this rank is for those in charge of training the newbies and getting them into shape.

This will be any mercenary, guardsman or other fighter of non-noble birth in the ranks, they answer the orders of their ranking officer, after they receive at least an advance payment, unless they are long term serving and receive payment on a regular basis.

Someone who wishes to be a sell sword, guardsman, caravan guard or other form of non-noble birth fighter in the house, would start here.

The Commoners!

The commoners are the back bone of society, treated like dirt by some nobles, secretly having an affair with other nobles, but would never tell anyone for fear of loosing their whole lively hoods, the commoners are the cooks, the rat catchers, the stable hands, seamstresses and prostitutes of the house Tarcyn, the ranking structure would be OOC however it'll be mostly affected by IC events, but is the most flexible ranking structure.
Its also the place for the most hardcore RPers! RPing a commoner is one of the most difficult things in my experience as it is so easy to be seduced by game mechanics and begin to steer away from your character.

Land owner.
Allot of hard work, sweat and tears has finally paid off, this low life has actually saved enough coin to buy some land.. a tiny hovel barely above the mud maybe... but a land owner is still a respected member in the society and may even be able to get the attention of the nobles for more than simple trade requests!
This would be people who have ICly saved all their coins to buy a home, and tavern keepers etc.

They make the best of their trade, and sell at higher value for the better quality goods, this is the type of person who opens up a market stool every week and sells their wares, this person is likely to hold some respect amongst the low lives, and may one day make it into the Trade guild.

Its in the name, fisherman who can catch fish, maybe not the biggest but he can catch them, a chef who can roast a chicken, although some may question what is in the stuffing. The commoner is a person who makes basic goods for a basic wage and is often happy to do this, they have very little in the way of possessions, perhaps some clothes fashioned from sack clothe.

Low life.
Lacking work as they lack skills, a low life is often someone who when desperate will resort to begging if needed, perhaps even picking a pocket or two, although they are not criminals by nature, they are just starving, this is the rank for those who wish to start from nothing and hope to find a way up, great RP prospects if played right.
(Orphans and young serfs would fall is this rank.)

Trade Guild.

The trade guild are the Craftsman, Lumberjacks, Miners, Farmers and Tanners who run their own self sufficient economy, the Ranking structure is not so much a chain of command, but a supply and distribution chain, only recognised craftsman will be invited to the Trade Guild.


Master of Commerce.
This man tends to know what towns are low on what products as if it were common sense, he has a high standing in society and allot of respect from his fellow tradesman. He is also something of a talent scout and would be the person who distributes invitations to join the Trade Guild. ((This would be more for someone who is willing to help arrange events, set up market days, who knows when other kinships hold market and trade days and makes sure there is something for the craftsman and suppliers to keep busy with.))

They buy it cheap and sell it for a profit, they will take caravans of goods to towns and cities for the sole purpose of profit, they may be skilled at a trade themselves but most would be too busy buying and selling to follow it.

Artisan Craftsman.
An artisan of their chosen trade, they make the goods which not only work well but look good too, a cut above the other Craftsman they tend to get chosen for estimates before another tradesman would. ((This would be someone who makes the effort to make things critical and puts effort into RPing their craft, rather than just clicking the "make all" button and going "done!"))

Master Miner/Lumberjack/Farmer etc etc.
This person will often know where to find what you need, the biggest nodes of ore, and the finest tree's ready to be chopped down, they are a cut above the other suppliers and will be the first ones to break a sweat!

They have proven themselves a cut above the low life commoner, and have been accepted into the Trade Guild, this is something rarely turned down as it leads to more business contacts and more business!

They have proven themselves a cut above the low life commoner, and have been accepted into the Trade Guild, this is something rarely turned down as it leads to more business contacts and more business!


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