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House Tarcyn - In CharacterThreadsPostsLast Post
Do you require resources to complete your craft, do you require funding in order to better serve House Tarcyn. Any requests can be posted here, this IC chest will be in the Family House and will be responded to IC
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General Section - OOCThreadsPostsLast Post
Talk about anything OOC based here; Music, Gaming, Pizza Toppings! Anything!
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Discussion about crafting and professions
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Need any advice about the Game, just use this as I'm sure one of us can help.
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Do you have an idea you would like to put forward for an open discussion? This is the place for it, this will also be where kin leaders will ask for your opinion on changes or suggestions which would affect everyone. We will read all suggestions and those which are do-able and good suggestions will be taken into account and hopefully implemented into the Kin.
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